Revolutionize your
patient care with
remote monitoring

Rhythm helps you quickly and easily implement a remote monitoring program that enhances reimbursement, patient care, and patient satisfaction.

Implement an RPM program
with confidence

Rhythm understands that implementing an RPM program has risks. We know how to implement a program that ensures excellent ROI with no-risk pricing

Key Points:

  • Insurance verification: Enrolling patients without adequate insurance coverage can lead to low ROI, so Rhythm reviews and verifies insurance for every patient before enrolling them in the program.
  • No-risk pricing: Rhythm offers a no-risk price model, only invoicing customers for its services when reimbursement qualifications are met.
  • Efficient alerting: Rhythm helps keep your practice running efficiently and protects your bottom line by triaging alerts to reduce the noise and facilitate fast physician reviews.
  • High patient compliance: Low patient engagement reduces reimbursement opportunities, so Rhythm diligently monitors patient engagement and conducts continuous outreach to ensure high engagement.

RPM at-a-glance

Turn-key Solution

  1. Patient enrollment and insurance verification
  2. Patient consent
  3. Device shipping and confirmation
  4. Patient education
  5. Day-to-day compliance management
  6. Alert triaging and context gathering
  7. Trend and billing reporting

Excellent ROI

  1. No-risk pricing
  2. Pre-enrollment Insurance verification
  3. No increase in staff
  4. No upfront costs
  5. High patient compliance

Improve Care

  1. Leverage trended information
  2. Patient population is risk stratified
  3. Focus on high-risk patients
  4. Experienced clinical team gathers context around alerts
  5. Only escalate relevant alerts

I just got a report yesterday my adherence rate was 95%. They're really on top of it to make sure that adherence is good. That's handled all outside my purview. So, there's no workload for me for that.

—Scott J. Ratner, M.D.Cardiologist

I'm impressed with the quality of encounters that the callers from Rhythm have in talking to our patients.

—Randal Brown, M.D.CEO Sunrise Medical Group

What I was finding is that I was losing a lot of patients to the hospital systems that were instituting this. I'm now able to keep those patients within my purview It's something that I really couldn't do before, and it really requires no effort on my part.

—Scott J. Ratner, M.DCardiologist

Rhythm provides seamless and efficient care, ensuring the patient remains the priority. Their solutions have increased my bottom line by giving me a clear vision of billing for my professional services.

—Steven T. Tee, MDCardiologist, Hyattsville, MD

The accuracy of the interpretations is extremely high and that has helped us build a great level of trust in Rhythm.

Luigi Di Biase, MD, PhDHead of Electrophysiology, Montefiore Medical Center

We now have peace of mind that if something is wrong, we’re going to catch it.

Cindy L. Welch, RNSenior Director of Clinical Operations, Dignity Health Medical Group-Golden Empire Cardiology

Request a custom ROI Analysis

Rhythm understands that implementing an RPM program has risks: reimbursement depends on patient compliance, patient insurance may not cover RPM, and the logistics can be a drag on resources.

Rhythm’s solutions addresses these concerns.  See the results from a 7 month study we conducted at the Gateway Clinic.  The study showed that each escalated alert generated approximately $1000 in net revenue for the practice.  You can calculate your estimated ROI using our online calculator:


An all-in-one solution

When your patients have an implantable cardiac device, you can use our companion remote monitoring solution, Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM), at the same time as our RPM.

See what Rhythm RPM can do for you.