Your Quality of Life: Our #1 Goal

Our dedicated clinicians work closely with your Physician to ensure the continuous monitoring of your device, helping you to avoid hospitalization or complications that may arise between doctor visits.

Peace of mind knowing Rhythm Management Group is here for you

The Patient Experience

Imagine getting a “clean bill of health” at your in-clinic appointment. Then your lead fractures the next day. Without remote monitoring, you might not know until your next appointment, or worse, until your device fails to function correctly when you need it most. Clinical studies have proven that remote monitoring is the most effective solution for device implant patients.

We provide all the hardware and setup instructions you need, and guide you through the process. We work hand in hand with your Physician to provide you with the best possible outcome. We will bill your insurance carrier directly, to create a “no hassle” solution.

Remote Monitoring is the Proven, Best Solution

  • We provide ongoing device monitoring, leading to faster detection of malfuctions or potentially serious arhythmias
  • Our dedicated clinicians report any issues to your Physician, enabling real time decision making for your care
  • The TRUST and ALTITUDE trials demonstrate reduced hospitalization and longer life for patients enrolled in home monitoring