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While your physician is your primary caregiver, we’re here to help with any questions you have about remote monitoring.
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Patient Care Blogs
Patient Care Blogs

Answers to your remote monitoring questions

How does remote monitoring work for implanted devices?

Your device automatically sends your health data to your home monitor, then onto the manufacturer site and Rhythm’s secure server. Our system stores all of your data on our protected environment, where your doctor can access it any time to review and act as needed.

How does remote patient monitoring work?

When you use any of your connected devices prescribed by your physician, the information will be automatically sent to the manufacturer’s online systems and then to Rhythm’s secure server. Our clinicians will review the data and pass on any urgent information to your physician. 

I just received my remote monitoring device in the mail, now what should I do?

First, insert the batteries, turn the device on, and take your vital sign reading. The device will automatically transmit the reading to the Rhythm team to make sure everything is connected properly. Our team will call within a few days to confirm receipt of your reading or help get you connected if there were any issues. We’ll then set up a regular data transmission schedule based on your physician’s recommendations.

I’m having trouble with my monitor. What should I do?

If your monitor gets disconnected or stops working for some reason, our system will let us know. A Rhythm Service rep will contact you directly, troubleshoot issues, and help you resolve the problem to get your device up and running as soon as possible. You can also contact our team anytime.

How does my doctor receive health alerts?

If there are any alerts from your device, it automatically sends this information to our team. The information is reviewed immediately, and a summary is sent on to your physician. We also continuously monitor your device and alert your care team if any potential problems arise.

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