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Our Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM)
solutions make it easy to optimize your
device clinic and fully realize your revenue.

Service. Efficiency. Innovation.

To take good care of your cardiac patients, you need a technology solution that’s backed by a service team with deep clinical experience. With Rhythm CRM, you get the full package.

Our dedicated service teams make managing your patients effortless, leading to better care, happier patients, and maximized reimbursements. Combined with our streamlined, intuitive, and efficient RhythmSynergy technology platform, you’ll get  improved patient outcomes with reduced burden on your staff.


CRM at-a-glance

Workflow efficiency

  1. Real-time, triaged alerts
  2. Expert clinical support for accurate summaries
  3. High patient connectivity and scheduling compliance rates
  4. Fully scalable (we grow as your practice grows)
  5. Compliant with all cardiac rhythm devices and manufacturers

Capture missed revenue

  1. Scheduling compliance
  2. Higher patient engagement
  3. Billing expertise
  4. We work directly with Medicare and private insurance providers

RhythmSynergyTM Platform

  1. Custom built for today's practices using artificial intelligence and machine learning
  2. Highly intuitive interface for ease of use and reporting
  3. Secure, stable, and scalable infrastructure
  4. Automated image processing
  5. Bi-directional EHR integration

I’ve been with Rhythm since its inception. Their solutions are accurate, time-saving, and flexible.

Bruce W. Zinsmeister, MDCardiologist, Silver Spring, MD

An all-in-one solution

If you have patients that are struggling to manage their high blood pressure or diabetes, you can get the same level of service and insights through our companion solution, Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM).

See what Rhythm CRM can do for you.