Poised for Flight: Remote Patient Monitoring Has Arrived


The Connectivity Report: 2022

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) has been gaining traction since the pandemic began. But how many medical practices are actually using it, how is it impacting patient care, and how will adoption rates change over the next few months? This report, based on a January 2022 survey of 100 practice leaders, has answers.


What You’ll Learn 

RPM is not only gaining traction, it will ramp up significantly between 2022 and 2024. The survey found that while about half of practices (57%) currently use RPM, about half of those not yet using it plan to implement it in the next one to two years. This means that by January 2024, more than three-quarters of all practices (76%) will be using the care management approach. As more practices start RPM programs over the next two years, how can they implement effective programs? This report has answers.

Download to learn other key findings, including:

  • Which practices are using RPM most heavily, and who has plans to implement it moving forward
  • Biggest challenges/pain points faced by RPM users
  • Successful RPM strategies every practice should consider