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Dr. John Paul McKenzie 

If you run a busy practice like I do, it’s likely you’ve begun to consider working with a remote cardiac monitoring partner. With a myriad benefits to patients, providers, and practices alike — from alleviating clinician burnout and  streamlining workflows to driving high quality outcomes — it is easy to see why the newly released 2023 HRS expert Consensus Statement highlights benefits of third party support for remote cardiac monitoring.

While there are a plethora of remote cardiac monitoring partners out there — not all are created equal. That’s why, when it came time for my practice to evaluate potential partners, I did my research. I began our search by creating a “dream list” of essential functional and product features we’d expect our ideal vendor to offer. I was looking for a true partner that would not only enable my team to expand our monitoring capabilities and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, but also ensure a seamless integration with our existing workflows, processes, and technologies. 

When creating your own list, consider the different elements of your practice to best evaluate which benefits will be most important for you. We began with these three simple questions: 

  • Which headwinds do we need to avoid? By articulating which obstacles you must avoid, you can identify the strengths you’ll need in a partner. Is it technology interoperability challenges, data privacy concerns, or staffing burden? 
  • How quickly do we need our partner to be up and running? Be clear on a timeline and ensure you can outline the critical milestones in advance.  
  • What are our goals for the remote cardiac monitoring program? Ensure you understand why you’re setting up this program. Do you most want to streamline claims cycles, improve care for patients with cardiac conditions, save yourself and your staff members time, etc. 

I went into the evaluation process knowing that my expectations were high, even thinking I might not be able to find the right fit for our practice. Once I learned more about Rhythm Management’s remote cardiology technology and services, I knew I found our partner. 

The six essentials elements of our practice’s remote cardiac monitoring program

Here are the six reasons why I chose Rhythm to support my practice’s remote cardiac rhythm program: 

  • I’m working with a proven partner. It was very important to us to find a technology partner with a proven track record of seamless implementation. Rhythm has worked with hundreds of practices and has decades of experience. They regularly migrate their client practices’ existing workflows and boosts their scheduling compliance.
  • Rhythm’s unparalleled speed-to-value. With limited IT resources and available staff bandwidth, we needed a partner who could guarantee a light implementation lift and oversee the entire integration. Rhythm integrates seamlessly with our existing tools and tech stack, and devised a clearly defined migration path, plan, and timeline that aligned with our goals.
  • They offer support for my entire practice. I was hoping my remote cardiac monitoring technology would be able to support the operational and administrative sides of my business, too. With Rhythm, we experience greater efficiencies across the front office and through billing and are noting that documentation and process burdens that fall on my staff are being alleviated.
  • My patients receive more comprehensive care. Knowing that we can take better care of our patients is the biggest benefit of all. With Rhythm, our patients’ transmission data is reviewed more promptly, and as a result, we’re able to communicate with patients more quickly when necessary. I know that we’re being more proactive with our patients, which gives me great peace of mind. 
  • Their agile tech solution grows as we do. As a practice, we want to keep growing our business so that we can serve even more patients in our area. Rhythm’s Cardiac Remote Monitoring technology is agile by design and flexible enough to accommodate both our individualized workflow needs of today — and flexible enough to scale our use cases, devices, and processes, as we grow.
  • Rhythm continually monitors for new efficiencies and improvements. With Rhythm, you are getting so much more than a technology provider. You are collaborating with a true partner who proactively works to identify new efficiencies that support your staff, patients, and practice. Their program includes the RhythmSynergy tool, which identifies and eliminates unnecessary systems for the most streamlined workflows within our EHR. 

We know that there are approximately 1.7 million cardiovascular implantable electronic devices worldwide and, over the next decade, our practices are only going to continue getting busier. With cardiac diagnoses forecast to rise significantly, patient demand for more proactive and intensive care will grow, too. We got ahead of the curve, and implemented our program early so that we’ll be ready to serve our patients when that time comes. 

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