Integrated Solutions to Improve your Patient Management

Our service works seamlessly with all device types / manufacturers and insurance providers, freeing you to focus on providing the best possible care for your patients.

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The Physician Experience

Our simple 3-step program focuses on Compliance and Care. Current devices are capable of producing a vast amount of data – data that is only useful if you have the means to analyse and act upon it. Rhythm provides you with real time information & analysis from your patient’s devices. We couple our core competence in data analysis and reporting to your core competence in critical decision making and patient care.

3 Simple Steps to Start Benefitting Immediately


We will determine the right program for you and your team in our introductory consultation


Our simplified contracting process and “best practices” allow you to start as soon as you are ready


We will work with your staff to educate and transition your patients to remote monitoring

Summary of Key Benefits for the Physician

  • We maximize your device-patient management revenue, at no additional cost to your practice
  • Immediate onboarding of patients without the time and expense of hiring and training in-house staff
  • We contract directly with Medicare and 3rd party payers, streamlining the billing process
  • We provide seamless support and coverage of all device types through a single interface
  • Customizable reporting and alerts to meet the needs of each individual patient
  • Our service scales as your practice grows, requiring no fixed-cost investment