The following videos will help you understand and utilize your remote cardiac monitor.

St. Jude Medical Devices

A short video guide to setting up and using the Merin@home transmitter. This ships with the Merlin@home home monitoring box.

Medtronic Devices

(Models 2490C and 2490G/H/J) Here is an instructional video for patients with implanted Medtronic heart devices who use the CareLink® Patient Home Monitor for remote transmissions. This video shows you how to set up the home monitor and send a remote transmission to your clinic. Refer to the Patient Manual for complete instructions.

Instructional video for setting up the MyCareLink Patient Monitor and sending the first manual transmission.

Video that explains how to set up and use the MyCareLink Smart™ Monitor – for pacemaker patients, including CRT-P

Boston Scientific Devices

This short video will walk you through the steps to set up & use your LATITUDE™ communicator

Guidant LATITUDE Patient Communicator Set-up Video