Remote patient monitoring

Peace of mind, for you and your patients.

Rhythm remote patient monitoring (RPM) gives patients unparalleled access to care, while freeing up practice resources for those who need them most.

Rhythm’s team monitors patient vital signs and alerts your practice to any critical events, so you can immediately address changes and emergencies, while being able to spend more time in-office time on acute patients. Rhythm’s remote monitoring, customizable reporting, and alerts ensure you are always connected to your patients.

Hear from Dr. James Brown, MD, about how RPM is different from the remote monitoring of cardiac implantable devices, and how these services work together to optimize patient outcomes.


Hear a couple of our physician leaders share how RPM has helped their practices and patients, and where they think it’s headed in the future.


“Remote patient monitoring cuts down on the amount of time that someone else in our practice would have to monitor these devices in the office. It makes us a much more efficient.”

— Dr. Bruce Zinsmeister, Cardiologist, Kaufman & Zinsmeister, MD, PA, Silver Spring, MD

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring


Zero start-up costs

We buy, store, ship, and manage all high-quality monitoring equipment


Zero additional staff needed

Our dedicated team handles everything, saving your practice time and headaches


2x: Proven to speed and increase patient enrollment

We typically double patient enrollment and cut enrollment time in half

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