Our Technology - Rhythm Synergy

Our technology platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to efficiently deliver timely and relevant clinical insights, so you can connect with more patients, easily grow your program, and ensure optimal care.

More Efficient

By combining clinical expertise and machine-learning technology, Rhythm Synergy eliminates the noise, prioritizing critical information and streamlining your review processes.

More Intuitive

With a sleek and secure design and powerful reporting tools, Rhythm Synergy makes it easy for you to review, share, and analyze patient data.

More Impactful

By employing automated data processing and real-time alerts, Rhythm Synergy enables faster identification of patient health problems so you can intervene sooner.


  • Efficient, data-rich user experience
  • Real-time, customizable alerts
  • Modern, easy-to-navigate interface
  • Automated image processing
  • Intuitive clinical and operational reporting
  • Bi-directional EHR integration

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How does Rhythm Synergy enhance care?

With over 10 years in the remote monitoring space and more than 50 years of combined clinical experience, Rhythm Management Group understands what staff and clinicians need from their remotely monitored data. By extracting that information and providing customizable alerts, we accelerate risk identification so you can provide more timely care.

How does Rhythm Synergy improve operational workflows?

Our clinical experience has taught us how to centralize and streamline operational workflows for remote monitoring. We’ve applied that knowledge to Rhythm Synergy, focusing on features that enhance efficiency such as automated image processing and intuitive reporting.

How is patient data kept secure?

Patient security is of utmost importance to us. That’s why we designed Rhythm Synergy with two-level authentication, serverless architecture, and compliance with industry leading security standards.

Is Rhythm Synergy accessible on mobile devices?

Rhythm Synergy is mobile- and desktop-optimized. We also offer bi-directional integration with current systems you already have in place.

Is Rhythm Synergy available as a separate offering from your service program, or is it a bundled product?

Yes, practices that have the service infrastructure already in place can purchase Rhythm Synergy separately.

How can I sign up or learn more?

Connect with us to learn more and be notified about new features. Email us at info@myrhythmnow.com.