Our Process

When it comes to device monitoring, we’ll take care of everything.

Rhythm Management Group uses an unmatched comprehensive protocol to help your practice make device monitoring as efficient as possible.

Getting Started: By breaking down the start-up process, we’ve made onboarding fast and concise. We help your practice with the necessary paperwork and have agents available for assistance. You won’t believe how quickly you see results!

Patient onboarding: We set a date to go live and work with your staff to immediately onboard your current patients. We then start onboarding legacy patients, those who can benefit from monitoring but have not yet been on a monitoring system. Our process means your team has the guidance and resources they need for a seamless and successful transition to Rhythm.

Through patient education, we ensure maximum connectivity penetration. We follow up with patients directly over the phone and through welcome and follow-up letters, taking that burden off your staff.  

We are here to get patients connected and keep them connected. Ongoing, Rhythm relieves your staff of the extra time and work required to monitor and manage your cardiac patients.  

We begin gathering, analyzing and transmitting your data on day one.

After we collect your patient’s data, you get to choose how you want to receive your data. Log in to our software, or we can securely push the data to you using your practice’s systems and software.