Our Services 

Rhythm Management Group offers ongoing cardiac device monitoring for implantable cardiac devices, including single, dual- and multi-lead pacemakers, defibrillators, heart failure monitors, diagnostics and implantable loop recorders.  

Ongoing Data Monitoring and Analysis

Rhythm clinicians and administrative staff deliver user-friendly reporting through an efficient, streamlined platform. Our collection of device data from each manufacturer allows your practice to monitor, review and sign reports on patient-specific, summarized data. Through an alert protocol that we establish with you, we interpret and deliver actionable data that helps you care for your patients quickly and accurately.

Customizable Approach

At Rhythm, you are in control. We work with your existing systems and software to make monitoring as seamless as possible. Or, if you need software, we can provide a system that fits your needs. We bring all the infrastructure and human capital needed to achieve 90% clinic optimization. We work in dedicated teams, so from onboarding to clinic maintenance, everything is consistent for you and your patients.

Keeping Patients Connected

When patients become disconnected, we reach out to them directly to get them re-established. This means no more “lost to follow up” patients, and no more endless patient calls for your staff. This year, Rhythm has made over 300,000 calls on behalf of our clients to keep patients connected. If a patient has an issue with their monitor, our team troubleshoots the issue to help the patient get it working again.

Monthly Compliance Reports

To ensure the highest level of patient compliance, Rhythm collates a monthly compliance report for your practice. This summary highlights those patients who may be most vulnerable to being lost to follow up. We also report monthly metrics related to connectivity compliance. Our goal is always 90% or greater connectivity. Our monthly billing reports give you everything needed for optimized revenue capture.