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Technology platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning to enhance remote monitoring and deliver timely, relevant clinical insights


Rockville, MD, July 27 – Rhythm Management Group has announced the release of RhythmSynergyTM, a powerful new technology platform that leverages artificial intelligence and machine-learning to efficiently deliver timely and relevant clinical insights for remotely monitored patients.

RhythmSynergy is now the gold standard of care, providing a safer, more secure, and scalable approach for practices and health systems seeking to create or enhance their remote monitoring programs. By combining clinical expertise and advanced technology, RhythmSynergy prioritizes critical patient health information and provides a streamlined review process, making it easier for physicians and clinical staff to review, share, analyze, and act on patient data.

“With more than 10 years in the remote monitoring space, and more than 70 years of combined clinical and cardiac monitoring experience, Rhythm Management Group understands how to create and support remote monitoring programs that prioritize both patients’ and clinicians’ needs,” said Rhonda Bray, CEO and Founder, noting that Rhythm Management Group recently released a report for practices and health systems on this topic. “RhythmSynergy helps ensure no critical patient health information is missed by clinicians, while also accelerating the review process.”

With its powerful reporting tools, RhythmSynergy employs automated data processing and intuitive clinical reporting to extract valuable information and accelerate risk identification, so patients receive more timely care.

In addition to streamlined workflows, RhythmSynergy features:

  • Customizable alerts
  • Automated image processing
  • Intuitive clinical and operational reporting
  • Bi-directional EHR integration
  • A modern, easy to navigate interface
  • An efficient, data-rich user experience


With two-level authentication, serverless architecture, and compliance with all industry leading security standards, RhythmSynergy also ensures patient data is protected and secure.

RhythmSynergy is a fresh new interface that is backed by a team of experienced clinical experts working to connect organizations to more patients, more data, and more reimbursement. Whether customers need Rhythm Management Group to provide a full-service and software remote monitoring program or technology alone, we provide unparalleled solutions that empower them to provide the best possible patient care,” said Andrea Clark, SVP, Sales and Marketing.

The new RhythmSynergy platform will be further showcased at the upcoming Heart Rhythm 2021 conference, being held July 28 to 31 in Boston. For more information, please stop by the Rhythm Management Group booth, #1440.


About Rhythm Management Group.
Founded by experienced clinicians who care deeply about delivering exceptional remote monitoring services, Rhythm connects your organization to more patients, more optimal monitoring, more actionable data, and more reimbursement. For over a decade, we’ve helped practices and health systems create, improve, and scale their remote monitoring programs, providing compassionate services to more than 50,000 patients across the country. Whether you need a full-service solution or technology alone, we can engage more patients in your program, streamline your workflows, and deliver timely, critical insights to your physicians, so you can care for more people with fewer resources. For more information visit


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