A continuous cardiac monitoring is an essential tool for clinical assessment of patients who suffer from irregular or abnormal blood pressure or irregular heartbeat. This will easily detect the changes in heart rhythm, heart rate of patients who may be suffering from chest pain, palpitations, acute coronary syndrome, post cardiac/respiratory arrest, to name a few of the heart conditions which need constant monitoring.
Between visits to the doctor is one of the times when a patient is not able to avail of continuous cardiac monitoring. These days, the technology has so much to offer especially in having continuous cardiac monitoring. There are cardiac monitoring devices which can now be implanted that are capable of remote cardiac monitoring using real-time or actual time. The Rhythm Management Group works with cardiac monitoring device makers and physicians to extract information and report heart condition or irregularities which may occur when the patient is out of the doctor’s sight.
To have a real-time remote cardiac monitoring device is very practical and advantageous. With these devices, patients can avail of early detection of potential critical heart illnesses which can be given immediate medication whether as an in-patient or out-patient. The Rhythm Management Group gives their exclusive focus on giving a compliant and competent monitoring system for the highest standard of patient care.
The home-based monitoring is the new and practical way to monitor implanted pacemakers and defibrillators which are used in cardiac monitoring. The monitoring can be done from the comfort of the patient’s own home. Once the monitor is properly installed, the remote monitor will turn on automatically at a set time every day. It will briefly check the hardware in the device. In the event when there is an irregular heart rhythm which will develop or if there is a device malfunction, the physician will be alerted immediately. If there is no significant heart rhythm disturbance, however, the Rhythm Management Group will give the doctor vital information on a pre-set schedule.
The Rhythm Management Group (RMG) is a group of highly qualified professionals who are passionate about giving excellent patient care. The executive team has more than 30 years of experience in the cardiac device industry. They manage major device clinics and they lead in device implantation. All their clinicians are Registered nurses and/or IBHRE certified device technicians.
For further information, you are welcome to send your questions to email info@MyRhythmNow.com or you may also call their phone number 888-948-7884.