A continuous cardiac monitoring for patients suffering from heart illnesses is a must. This is essential for clinical appraisal of patients suffering from irregular heartbeat or abnormal blood pressure and any illnesses like chest pain, palpitations, acute coronary syndrome, post cardiac/respiratory arrest, to name a few of the heart conditions which need constant monitoring. With the help of continuous monitoring, it will detect potential critical heart illnesses which may need immediate medical attention.
Steady cardiac checking is especially needed for out-patients with a heart condition. With our new technology, remote monitoring is possible for these out-patients suffering from heart illnesses. Physicians can now be provided with the report on the state of their patient’s heart condition with the help of the cardiac telemetry monitoring.
Telemetry has so many uses and one of its most important applications is in the health and medical field. The patients who are at risk of serious heart illnesses can now be remotely monitored using cardiac telemetry monitoring. The patient wears the device for a specific amount of time which a clinician checks on the date that is automatically being sent to them at a monitoring station. This will allow the patients the ability to be checked for a certain period of time without having to stay at the hospital or clinic for monitoring.
The cardiac telemetry monitoring devices will help the doctors to be constantly and well-informed of their patient’s heart condition from a distance. The Rhythm Management Group works with makers of cardiac monitoring devices and doctors to acquire information and report any heart condition or irregularities which may happen to the out-patients or in-patients by using these modern remote cardiac telemetry monitoring devices. For an instance when the heart rhythm is normal, the Rhythm Management Group will submit important data to the doctor on a pre-set schedule. The Rhythm Management Group exclusively focuses on giving the best and competent monitoring system for the excellent standard of caring for patients.
The executive team of Rhythm Management Group (RMG) has more than 30 years working experience in the cardiac device industry. They manage major device clinics and lead the science and technology of device implantation. They are comprised of highly experienced medical service providers who are enthusiastic about giving excellent patient care. All their clinicians are Registered Nurses and/or IBHRE certified device technicians.
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