Patients with a heart condition are in need of constant monitoring of the functioning of the heart. There are cardiac monitoring devices that provide accurate detection of possible critical heart illnesses and record normal condition. In-patients are privileged since they have the access to medical personnel who will constantly monitor their heart condition. How about the out-patients? Will they have the same privilege?
Luckily, we are in times when technology can provide for every need of patients including those who have a heart condition. Patients suffering from heart condition can now be monitored while they are at home. We have cardiac monitoring devices that can be remotely controlled.
There are cardiac monitoring devices which are now being implanted that are capable of remote checking using real-time or actual time. The Rhythm Management Group works with device makers and physicians to get information and report heart condition or irregularities which may happen for out-patients.
These real-time remote cardiac monitoring devices are so practical and essential. With these devices, we can detect immediately any potential critical heart illnesses which can have urgent medical attention not just for out-patients but also for in-patients who are out of the medical provider’s sight. The Rhythm Management Group gives their focus exclusively for a compliant and competent monitoring system for the highest standard in caring for the patient.
Using remote cardiac monitoring devices like implanted pacemakers and defibrillators are not only the latest but these are also effective in home-based monitoring. For most cases, once the monitor is properly installed there are no worries since the remote monitor will turn on automatically at a set time daily and will briefly check the hardware on your device. On an instance when there is a significant fast heart rhythm that develops or when there is a device malfunction, your doctor will be alerted at once. Meanwhile, when there is no significant heart rhythm disturbance, the Rhythm Management Group will submit the important information to your physician on a pre-set schedule.
The executive team of Rhythm Management Group (RMG) has over 30 years working experience in the cardiac device industry. They manage major device clinics and leading the technology of device implantation. They are comprised of highly experienced medical service providers who are passionate about giving patient care. All their clinicians are Registered Nurses and/or IBHRE certified device technicians.
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