When we experience irregular heartbeat, changes in the rhythm of the heartbeat, unexplained fainting, unexplained palpitations or shortness of breath, there is a need to undergo diagnosis to make sure if it can already be considered a heart condition. Normally we go to our doctor to have a correct diagnosis and medical attention.

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There is a need to have a continuous cardiac monitoring for those who suffer from these symptoms so that a patient will be given the proper medical attention. The in-patients and out-patients who are suffering from irregular heartbeat may have to get expert advice from the physician. The doctors may recommend a cardiac event monitor device which can be controlled to record the electrical activity of the heart (ECG).

The cardiac event monitor devices are used for those who need long-term monitoring of symptoms which may occur less in a day. This type of device is handy as small as a pager. This records the heart rate and the rhythm of the heart. There different types of cardiac event monitor devices. However, all types have sensors called electrodes that will record the ECG. There are models that can be attached to the skin on the chest using sticky patches. The sensors have to be attached to the skin to get good results.

We can carry or wear the cardiac event monitor device in 30 days. The device can be carried by the hand or wear on the wrist or inside your pocket. The event monitors can be worn for several weeks or until the time when the patient can still experience the persistent symptoms. The Rhythm Management Group works with doctors and makers of devices to get information and report any heart condition or irregularities which may happen to either the out-patients or in-patients by using these modern cardiac event monitor devices.

The Rhythm Manager Group will provide up to date information about the condition of the patients to the physicians especially when it needs immediate medical attention. In cases when the heartbeat is normal or no manifestation of irregularities, the Rhythm Management Group will send information to the physician on a pre-set schedule.

The Rhythm Management Group (RMG) is a group of highly qualified professionals who are passionate about giving excellent patient care. The executive team has over 30 years of experience in the cardiac device industry and in leading major device clinics. They head in device implantation with clinicians who are Registered nurses and/or IBHRE certified device technicians.

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