Rhythm Management Group Appoints Gregory H. Piponius as Chief Operating Officer


Rhythm Management Group, a leader in remote monitoring of cardiac implanted medical devices, announced the appointment of Gregory H. Piponius as Chief Operating Officer (COO). As COO, Piponius will manage strategic partner relationships, spearhead operational strategies, and oversee regulatory compliance. "Greg’s expertise in operational leadership and application of Six Sigma and Lean initiatives to the process of delivering healthcare uniquely position him to bring greater efficiency and sophistication to our operations,” said Rhonda Bray, chief executive officer of Rhythm Management Group. “We are thrilled to have him join our leadership team to help lead the company in our continued transformation.” Prior to joining Rhythm Management Group, Piponius ran Great Practice Consulting, LLC, and led General Electric Aviation Systems military aftermarket sales for the Defense Logistics Agency. He was also a GE Aviation Systems leader for many major commercial and military aviation products including the Brake Control and Monitoring System (BCMS) for the Boeing 787 and the KC-767 Military Aerial Refueling Tanker [...]