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To advance the patient’s quality of life is the right ecosystem all over the country

Rhythm Management Group gives its clients the support that the physicians need to carefully watch the high quality heart device of their patients in the USA. If the patients want answers for maximizing the quality of life benefits that they can receive from their implanted apparatus, our duty is to provide it. Our services are compatible for all implantable apparatus for the heart like the following: defibrillators, Heart Failure monitors, single, dual and multi-lead Pacemakers, and the latest implantable Loop Recorders.

Real-Time Monitoring For Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease

Real-time monitoring and event examination and reporting of a patient’s device are being demonstrated in order to improve mortality and lessen the frequency of hospitalization.

About us

We Never Compromise the Quality of Care for Our Patient

Rhythm Management Group is focused only in providing a compliant and effective observation process for patients seeking the best quality of care and enhanced quality of life.

Putting the Benefits of Technology to work for the Patient

All currently implanted machines for the heart can operate a real-time distant monitoring and is accessible nationwide. Our duty is to get the information while working with the device inventors and the physicians so that if any irregularities that may manifest between regular visits of a patient, we can report on events to the Doctor’s office. The greatest benefit patients can have is preventing to be in a hospital for if potential complications occur, it will be quickly recognized and can be medicated in the comfort of their house.

Be Served by the World Class Team of Professionals

Rhythm Management Group is comprised of exceedingly experienced individuals who are passionate about patient care. Our administrative group has more than 30 years of background experience operating in the cardiac device business, supervising main machine medical centers and leading the science of device implantation. All of the clinicians we have are IBHRE Certified device technicians and/or Registered Nurses.

Rhythm Management Group provides you monitoring and assistance for Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease.