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Uncompromised Patient Care

Rhythm Management Group is focused exclusively on providing a compliant and effective monitoring system for patients seeking the highest standard of care and maximized quality of life.
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Putting the Benefits of Technology to work for the Patient

The technology is available - all cardiac devices currently being implanted are capable of real-time remote monitoring. Rhythm works with the device makers and the physicians to extract this information and report on events and irregularities that can manifest between regular visits to the Doctor's office. The benefits are obvious - much faster recognition of potential problems that can then be treated in an out-patient environment and potentially avoid future urgent / in-patient care.

Our World Class Team of Professionals is here to serve You

Rhythm Management Group is comprised of highly experienced individuals who are passionate about patient care. Our executive team has more than 30 years of experience working in the cardiac device industry, managing major device clinics and leading the science of device implantation. All of our clinicians are Registered Nurses and/or IBHRE Certified device technicians.