The In-Patients always are privileged to have constant monitoring since there are medical providers who are always around to assist them. The out-patients, however, can now enjoy non-stop monitoring with the help of devices that can be monitored from a remote site.

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There are devices that can perform the 30-day heart monitor. These monitors had been around even in the 1980s using old mechanics. Through the influx of wireless and internet technologies, the most modern type of monitors had been introduced to the public. These monitors can be used for constant remote checking of patients who are suffering from heart diseases such as chest pain, palpitations, cardiac/respiratory arrests, to name a few.

The first generation monitors had made use of the landlines for remote monitoring. These days, however, patients no longer rely on this since cell phones are now available. The Rhythm Management Group only gives out the best in 30-day heart monitor devices. They work with the makers of best cardiac monitoring devices and doctors and send a report on any irregularity that may happen to the out-patient and even to in-patients. These devices are used for wireless monitoring. In case that an event may happen, the monitor will have this recorded and alerts the Rhythm Management Group, this report will then be disseminated to the physician.

With the use of 30-day heart monitor devices, many heart conditions that can be considered as critical can now be easily detected. With early detection comes early medication which is most advantageous to the patients. This will lead to urgent attention and can preempt any eventualities.

In cases when the heartbeat is normal, the Rhythm Management Group (RMG) will also submit important data to the physician on a pre-sent schedule. The RMG aims at giving the best and high standard monitoring system to give the best quality in taking care of patients with heart problems.

The executive team of Rhythm Management Group (RMG) has more than 30 years of working experience in the cardiac device industry. They manage major device clinics and head the science and technology of device implantation. The RMG is a group of highly experienced medical service providers who are passionate in giving the best care to the patient. Their clinicians are Registered Nurses and/or IBHRE certified device technicians.

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